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Branding Samples

We have designed a strong brand-platform as well as promotional materials, photos and videos for companies and campaigns.

Made a six-part promo-series for, consulted on website layout, creating a marketing strategy and launching themed campaigns.

Developed a new logo and brand platform for NYCRM, built out a new website, and produced a photo-series of the NYC Homeless determined to inspire hope and compassion.

LifeSpark social Media Promos

Make Them Visible

Produced and Marketed a viral video "Make Them Visible" intended to get into the hearts of the public: "what if your mother, sister, son were homeless?"

The original Youtube video obtained over 3 million views (Sadly the host deleted the original). There are numerous articles written about this, one can be found here.

Click here to watch the video where it currently lives.

Developed a "rescue" app consistent with our brand to provide citizens with an opportunity to help the homeless they pass on the streets by offering resources and making reports.

Took "day in the life" photos of the homeless' living conditions and momentarily ran social media and marketing strategy.

Used the uplifting photo-series to curate an "exhibit" throughout the shelter to instill hope in its guests. One particular hallway was visible from the street (pictured left) and was featured in AGRM's Rescue Magazine, among other publications. 

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