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Megan and Josh Mayes grew up in the suburbs of Detroit, where one of the highlights of their childhood was rallying the neighborhood kids into making movies with them on VHS tape. Finding themselves in New York years later, they decided that this childhood partnership was the dream they had for their adult lives. In their early 20's, they founded Plastic Tree Pictures, directing, writing, producing and acting in their first feature film, “Rooftops.” In the years since, they have honed their skills as filmmakers in multiple disciplines, producing an array of short films that have screened at dozens of festivals and won multiple awards. They have three completed feature length scripts in early stages of pitch and development.


an award winning filmmaker and screenwriter. Following her move to New York, she graduated from NYU with a BA in Producing, and Media, Communication and Culture. In addition to her film work she served as the Director of Marketing and Communications at the New York City Rescue Mission, and as a freelance marketing and rebranding consultant. She has lived in China, India and Vietnam. She divides her time between New York City and Los Angeles. Megan is currently producing two feature films and in development with Josh on others.

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an award winning filmmaker, screenwriter and actor. As a teenager he apprenticed with filmmakers and video producers, and received professional training as an actor in the Meisner technique. Following his move to New York, he graduated from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, accepting an invitation to join their repertory company for the 2008 season. (Something about writing/number of scripts - 8) He splits his time between New York City and Los Angeles.

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